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Quality Beef

Our Beef is naturally aged, and Yes we still cut our own meats, providing our customers with unsurpassed quality & consistency. We will custom cut any cut of meat you need, from Beef Tenderloin & Prime Rib, Porterhouse & Filet Mignon, to hard-to-find Skirt Steaks, Tri-Tips, or long bone Sirloin Steaks.


Barb & Patty's Famous... "Real" Ground Chuck

Quality, Quality, Taste the Difference!

Did you ever wonder why grocery stores label their ground beef 80/20, and you no longer see the name "ground chuck"? Grocery stores get pieces & parts, processed & pre-ground from beef plants. 


Barb & Patty still has Hands-On Preparation:

What makes our ground chuck exceptional?
We still hand cut our beef chucks.

Homemade... does make a difference!


Wonderful Beef Tenderloin

Whole or Cut into Filet Mignon Steaks

Extra Aged New York Strip Steaks

Our Famous Quality Steaks

Real Sirloin Gourmet Burgers


Prime Rib Roasts

Specially selected, naturally aged

Available Boned & Tied for Easy Carving

Filet Mignon

The finest selection

USDA Prime ~ USDA Choice


Old Fashion Whole Beef Brisket

We still cut authentic Beef Briskets for Texas Slow Pit Bar-B-Q!


Beef Stew

Our Beef Stew is the most delicious, tender cubes. Cut to perfection.


Porterhouse T-Bone

Finest quality, naturally aged beef, fresh cut to your specifications.


Over 41 Years... Barb & Patty's still cutting meats the old fashioned way...

  • Skirt Steaks

  • Real Short Ribs

  • Real Sirloin London Broil

  • Tri-Tips

  • Whole Beef Briskets

  • Coulotte (Picanha)

  • Beef Back Ribs (BBQ Beef Ribs)

  • Flat Iron Steaks

  • Hangar Steaks

  • Old Fashioned Bone-in Sirloin Steaks

  • Old Fashioned Bone-in Chuck Roasts

  • And More!

Call in Your Order or Come In and See for Yourself!

Once you try our quality beef, you won't be satisfied with anything else...

stop in and choose exactly what you need.

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