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Fresh American Lamb & Veal

We are one of the few places that still cut fresh lamb and veal!

Leg O' Lamb

Fresh Ohio Spring Lamb, boned and rolled for easy carving.

Ask about our FREE roasting bag with cooking directions! Also available: marinades and seasonings to make this the best leg of lamb you've ever tasted!


Rack O' Lamb / Crown Lamb

Our expert cooking and prep knowledge will help you create an exquisite dining experience!


Our Beautiful Delicious Loin Lamb Chops


Hand-Cut & Ground

Ground Lamb

  • Lamb Shoulders

  • Lamb Shanks

  • Beautiful Hand-Cut Lamb for Stew

  • Frenched Rib Lamb Chops

  • Lamb Cut for Shish-Ka-Lish


Whole Lambs Available! Just Ask


We Still Hand-Cut Veal for Veal Cutlets or Scallopini


Beautiful Hand-Cut Long-Bone Veal Chops

  • We Hand-Cut Veal Shoulder for Beautiful Veal Stew

  • Osso Bucco (Veal Shank)

  • Ground Veal

  • Veal Breasts

  • Calves Livers (Veal Livers)

  • Veal Kidneys

  • Veal Bones

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