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Health Conscious? Weight Watching? Keto?

Low Fat Diet? Low Carb Diet? Keto? We've got you covered.

Barb & Patty's, Specializing in Humanely Raised Local Beef

From Local Ohio Farms, raised on a strictly monitored Certified Diet

  • No Hormones

  • No Steroids

  • No Antibiotics

  • Humanely Raised


Barb & Patty's, Specializing in ALL NATURAL 100% PURE Chicken and Turkey

  • No Preservatives

  • No Solutions Added

  • No Flavor Enhancers or Broths

  • No Hormones

  • No Steroids


American Bison

​Check out the nutritional values! Bison is the lowest in fat and calories! Did you know Bison is lower in fat than Turkey, Ground meat, or burgers?


Your Health Conscious Headquarters

Keto - Zero Carbs

  • Breads - Pizza - Pasta


Low Fat Diet? Keto?

Try our Homemade Chicken Sausages

100% Pure Chicken Sausages

No Nitrates, No MSG, No Preservatives!

  • Chicken Italian

  • Chicken Bratwurst

  • Chicken Spicy Hot

  • Chicken Garlic

  • Chicken Italian w/Fennel

  • Chicken Little Links

  • Chicken Italian with Peppers & Onions


Low Fat ~ Keto Friendly

​Check out our wide variety of

Smokies & Jerky Here

Our Famous Authentic Homemade Smokies

We have many varieties:

  • Original Beef

  • Beef "Hot"

  • Beef Southwest

  • Beef & Cheddar

  • Turkey Bison

  • Bison

Dieting? Keto? No Sugar?

  • Beef Low Carb Smokies

  • No Sugar Italiano Smokies

  • No Sugar Country Style Smokies

  • Corned Beef on Rye - NEW!

  • Corned Beef & Swiss on Rye - NEW!

We Carry a Wide Variety of Deli Meats:

We Carry Boar's Head Deli also

  • Low Fat

  • Low Salt

  • Low Carb

  • Gluten Free

  • No MSG

  • No Sugar


100% Natural Roast Beef and 100% Natural Turkey Breast

100% Pure, No Additives


Lower Salt, Lower Fat Cheeses...

Swiss Cheese, Provolone, Mozzarella & More


We offer No-Nitrate Bacon:

Lower Fat ~ Lower Salt ~ No Sugar ~ Gluten Free

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