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Barb & Patty's Butcher Palace... Homemade Does Make A Difference!

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Welcome to
Barb and Patty's


Since 1980, Barb and Patty's Butcher Palace has been serving northeast Ohio with
Only The Best! Our hands-on preparation has earned us the reputation for
consistency and Quality, Quality, Quality!

We have Smokehouse Kielbasa, Rice Sausage, Hurka, and more

Humanely Raised Fresh Chicken & Turkey

  • Truly "Authentic"
    Old Fashion Meat Market

  • Fresh Homemade Sausages -
    No Preservatives, No Additives, 100% Pure

  • Our Own Smokehouse...
    Authentic European Favorites with recipes brought from Europe in 1947

  • Humanely Raised Fresh Chicken, Turkey & Beef  *No Hormones 
    *No Steroids *No Antibiotics

  • Fresh Deli Meats, Specializing in No MSG, No Additives, Gluten-Free, Lower Salt, Lower Fat

  • Unbelievably Competitive Pricing. Our own processing cuts out the middleman, providing unsurpassed quality at great prices!


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"Authentic" Old Fashion
since 1980

My Dad is from Germany -
He brought all his famous
recipes here for us in 1947
Famous Oktoberfest Bratwurst

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