9460 Mentor Avenue

Mentor, Ohio 44060

Porterhouse T-Bone

Finest quality, naturally aged beef, fresh cut to your specifications.

Our Beef is naturally aged, and

Yes we still cut our own meats, providing our customers with unsurpassed quality & consistency. We will custom cut any cut of meat you need, from Beef Tenderloin & Prime Rib, Porterhouse & Filet Mignon, to hard-to-find Skirt Steaks, Tri-Tips, or long bone Sirloin Steaks.​

Wonderful Beef Tenderloin

Whole or Cut into Filet Mignon Steaks

Boston Strip Steaks

Our Famous Quality Steaks

Prime Rib Roasts

Specially selected, naturally aged

​Available Boned & Tied for Easy Carving

Filet Mignon

Whole, half, or cut into steaks for a small charge

Old Fashion Whole Beef Brisket

We still cut authentic Beef Briskets for Texas Slow Pit Bar-B-Q!

Beef Stew

Our Beef Stew is the most delicious, tender cubes. Cut to perfection.

The Finest Quality Beef

Real Sirloin Gourmet Sirloin Burgers



Our Normal Hours:

Monday: Noon - 6 pm

Tuesday: 10 - 6 pm

Wednesday: 10 - 6pm

Please Note: We will be

CLOSED on Wednesdays

beginning Sept. 11, 2019

Thursday: 10 - 6pm

Friday: 10 - 6pm

Saturday: 9 - 5:30pm

Sunday: 9:30 - 1pm

*Check for Holiday Changes

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