Boston Strip Steaks

Our Famous Quality Steaks

Prime Rib Roasts

Specially selected, naturally aged

​Available Boned & Tied for Easy Carving

Old Fashion Whole Beef Brisket

We still cut authentic Beef Briskets for Texas Slow Pit Bar-B-Q!

Beef Stew

Our Beef Stew is the most delicious, tender cubes. Cut to perfection.

The Finest Quality Beef

Real Sirloin Gourmet Sirloin Burgers


9460 Mentor Avenue

Mentor, Ohio 44060

Wonderful Beef Tenderloin

Whole or Cut into Filet Mignon Steaks

Filet Mignon

Whole, half, or cut into steaks for a small charge


Our Normal Hours:

Monday: Noon - 6 pm

Tuesday: 10 - 6 pm

Wednesday: 10 - 6pm

Thursday: 10 - 6pm

Friday: 10 - 6pm

Saturday: 9 - 5:30pm

Sunday: 9:30 - 1pm

*Check for Holiday Changes

Porterhouse T-Bone

Finest quality, naturally aged beef, fresh cut to your specifications.

Barb & Patty's Butcher Palace... Homemade Does Make A Difference!

Our Beef is naturally aged, and

Yes we still cut our own meats, providing our customers with unsurpassed quality & consistency. We will custom cut any cut of meat you need, from Beef Tenderloin & Prime Rib, Porterhouse & Filet Mignon, to hard-to-find Skirt Steaks, Tri-Tips, or long bone Sirloin Steaks.​