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*Please note we are requiring no more than 8 customers in the store at any one time. Thank you everyone for being so cooperative!

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Barb & Patty's Butcher Palace... Homemade Does Make A Difference!

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9460 Mentor Avenue

Mentor, Ohio 44060

100% Natural Poultry

We Hand-Cut ALL of our Chicken...

Fresh breasts, legs, wings, hand-boned chicken breasts, chicken tenders...

We also have backs and necks for soup!

At Barb & Patty's, We Value Your Health!

​You may read about grocery stores and other food club stores selling meats with additives & preservatives. As much as 12% of the package weight could consist of liquids, preservatives, and tenderizers.
*Above statements taken from the article "Chew on the Meaning of Fresh" by Joe Crea and John Long, Plain Dealer Reporters.

All natural, 100% pure... that's what makes our poultry "Special!"

No Additives ~ No Solutions Added ~ Never Injected ~ Humanely Raised

No Preservatives ~ No Flavor Enhancers ~ No Hormones ~ No Steroids

Boneless Fresh Turkey Breasts

Comes complete with our cooking bag and famous seasonings! We hand bone a fresh turkey breast into a beautiful boneless breast, so it's oven ready. Not only is it easy & delicious, but its also 100% Pure and Never injected with additives. Available Boneless, or Stuffed with our Fabulous Stuffing!

Low Fat Diet? Try our Homemade
​100% Pure Chicken Sausages!

No nitrates ~ No MSG

No preservatives!

Chicken Italian ~ Chicken Bratwurst

Chicken Spicy Hot ~ Chicken Garlic

Chicken Italian w/Fennel ~ Chicken Little Links

Chicken Italian w/Peppers & Onions

No Time to Cook?

Check out our Homemade Quick & Easy Dishes

Chicken Picatta & Lemon Chicken...

Just two of our many choices!

100% Natural Whole Fresh Turkeys

sized 10 lb. to 30 lb.

Also: Ducks, Geese, Capons, Cornish Game Hens

Don't see it listed? Just ask!